Booking & Payment

Normally not, but we do make exemptions. In any case we have to charge an additional fee of €5,- per day. Minimum age is 21 years. You will also need to have held your driving license for at least 3 years.

Generally, we require a 50% down payment (bank transfer) of the rental price for the van to guarantee your reservation. The outstanding balance of rent, as well as any extras or insurances and the service fee, have to be paid in cash at the check-in.

Getting there and away

On our Travel Info site, you will find detailed descriptions for traveling to our different locations.

Check-In / Check-Out

Yes, the van needs to be cleaned inside and outside. In case you return the van in a dirty state we will have to charge a cleaning fee of €50.

Our regular check-out times are between 10 am and 11 am. For earlier check-outs we have to charge €10 per hour. Earliest possible check-out is 6 am. For late check-outs (after 11 am) we have to charge a full day extra for rent, extras, and insurance.

Our regular check-in times are between 12 am and 6 pm. Earlier check-ins are only possible on request. For check-ins after 6 pm we have to charge €10 per hour. Latest possible check-in is 10 pm.


All our vans come with a basic liability insurance which protects you from damages caused to a third party. For collision damage waiver (CDW) we offer 3 different packages which you can find on our Prices & Extras page.

What's included ?

Some, but not all of our vans have heating. Please request this feature.

No, our vans do not have a bathroom. But we do offer solar showers for €10 and you can also rent a chemical toilet for €30.

Most of our vans are suited for a maximum of 4 persons.

Yes, you can charge your phone or camera using the USB port on the radio or via one of the 12v car-plugs in the van. We rent out 12V charging-plugs for €5.

Yes! Sheets, duvets and pillows are all included. Our duvets are thin summer blankets though. So if you think you will need something warmer we do offer sleeping bags for €10.

Am I allowed to...

No, driving our vans on dirt roads is strictly prohibited. Since our campers are delicate oldtimers and not build for these kinds of roads they may suffer damage. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a fine of €200.

Yes, but please tell us in advance where you are planning on going.

Yes, if you have to. But you will have to pay the toll yourself. Especially in Portugal, there is an electronic toll system which works as described here. In case, after your departure, we receive invoices for any outstanding toll payments , we will charge your credit card with the required amount.

Wild camping is officially illegal but generally permitted. There are restrictions on where you can park and camp overnight. If unsure, always ask the local tourism center or police, so you don’t get fined! In case you do get a fine, please inform us as soon as possible. Do not leave any garbage outside overnight and definitely do not leave your garbage behind when you leave.

No, sorry! Pets are not allowed in our vans.


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For information regarding our prices, extras and insurances please visit the Prices & Extras page.
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